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Note:  Changes at the Port! See here.

I am very happy to make a personal service available.

When we meet for your tour, you can make a free 5 minute call back home at no additional charge.

(NOTE: please Avoid the Blue Credit Card Phones while on the island, as they can be VERY expensive.)

We give only custom, personalized tours. Anything that you would like to see. And please note that we are wheelchair, walker and baby stroller friendly!

A suggestion if you are bringing your wheelchair. If you could also bring your handicap parking placard, it could be of use at some of our stops.

NEW:  Ride along on a 'typical' tour.

We have access to vehicles to  accommodate  tours from a couple to a family of 6 or 7. If your group is larger, we can usually arrange for a small bus with driver so that I have the full chance to narrate the trip for your group up to 12 or 13 or even larger. There is only one thing in common for all of my tours, and that one thing is that you determine what the tour will include.

Please be reminded that it is only me doing these tours personally or, with your approval I sometimes have one other driver that I can use.

I receive many requests daily and I could send you an email in the morning and say I am available as of now but later on in the day another group can confirm the date so the date become unavailable.

Do you want to spend time shopping? Or on the beach? Taking pictures? Maybe fine dining or inexpensive local choices for food? A tour of culture and history of our island? Perhaps politics and problems (we all have our problems, right)?

Maybe a tour of the art galleries on our island, or a tour of shopping points?  Maybe just a chance to experience many of our beaches so you know where to visit on your next trip here?

If you’re an outdoors type, then we could incorporate a walking/hiking tour portion, as there is a beautiful walk above our Guana Bay, just outside of Philipsburg. If you choose to add this option, you must advise me in advance so that I am able to structure your tour day to include the hike.

Many of you have heard about the planes landing above Maho Beach into our airport. Let's consider going there - it's popular, so I have an entire page to explore your visit.

Just remember that it is your tour! We can provide some suggestions, but if you don’t have the best time of your traveling life with us, it seems that you may only have yourself to blame! We will do absolutely anything to please you!

As every tour is personalized, so are the prices. Please contact us with your requests for an estimate and further discussion

I realize that a lot of you that visit here are looking for specific prices for specific tours, but I'm really not quite ready to present that information here on the Internet.

I am looking for the best way to provide the information, and will make it available as soon as I possibly can.

Thanks for your understanding, and please contact us.


US Number 1 - (305) 831-5742

New Dialing Prefix for St Maarten

Phone: 1 - (721) 526-5252

Fax: 1 - (721) 547-0264

Please note that this is still an international call