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Visit Maho Beach

You've heard about Maho Beach and the planes landing there, so let's consider adding it to your tour. Obviously, we have to plan ahead to catch the big planes landing.

Check below for the current schedule of planes landing at our Princess Juliana Airport, known to the airline industry as SXM. That's the code to check on flights, But I'll try to do it for you here, thanks to my partner Flightstats.com.

I'd suggest you select the Time Period, below, as Noon to 3:00 PM, as that is when most of the big jets arrive.

Flights arriving from Europe will certainly be big planes, a big Airbus or even 747's at times.

Flights from the US will mostly be 757's. They're pretty big!

Flights from surrounding islands, will, of course, be the smaller 'puddle jumper' planes in most circumstances.

You can always click on the Flight Number on the Left Hand side to find more information about the specific flight and what plane they are using.


Flight information is provided by FlightStats, and is subject to the FlightStats Terms of Use.