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What can we do for you?

If you need it, we can supply it:

Here is a listing of just some of the services that we can provide. If you don't find it here, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Restaurant Reservations Let our fingers 'do the walking' to make advance reservations at the restaurant(s) of your choice.

Cell Phone Rental We do rent cell phones for your use during your stay. Book in advance and we can provide the number that you will be issued before your visit. Ask about a discount if you are receiving additional services from us during your stay.

Activities Booking We can book almost any activity that is offered on the island, from the 12 Metre to the Golden Eagle, snorkeling trips, sunset sails, etc.

Baby Sitting We have a long history of working with reputable persons on the island to provide babysitting services at your villa or timeshare. While we would much  prefer advance reservations, we will work with you to see what we can do to accommodate your last minute needs.

Storage Facilities We do provide storage facilities for regular visitors to store those things that you do not wish to haul back and forth each visit. Our space is limited, and we may be limiting this offer to our regular customers, but check with us if you think that you may need this service.

In-Transit Temporary Storage  If you are in transit on St. Maarten for a few hours and want to go to the beach or shopping but have no where to leave your luggage. I will pick it up and store it, then return it at a specified time to check in for your next flight. Many people combine trips, so if you are coming from the first leg of your vacation and are in transit for the last leg but traveling on a small plane to Saba or St. Barths, a yacht charter, or even a cruise and don't need all your luggage, I will store it until your return. Please contact us for details and pricing.

Property Management If you own a property on the island and you think that there is ANYTHING that we can take care of for you during your absence, please contact us. This could range from site visits to mailing payment checks on your behalf.

Private Chef If you and your guests would enjoy a simple dinner of local island specialties, we (Joyce herself) would love to cook for you, or we can make arrangements for an island caterer or chef to prepare the meal of your dreams at your Villa or Timeshare. This is not to say that Joyce's cooking would not be a dream.

Grocery Shopping With sufficient advance notice we can usually make arrangements to stock your kitchen with some of the necessities before your arrival for a reasonable service charge over the actual cost. If you are renting a car from us we can usually arrange to have some non-perishables packed in the trunk upon your arrival. Beer and liquor, sodas, water, etc. under the same arrangement.

Wedding Assistance   Are you thinking about getting married while on vacation? Perhaps renewing your vows (how sweet)? You have a friend on St. Maarten so please contact us to see if we can assist.

Island Tours We do Island Tours. Treat your guests to a half or full day island tour. You can stay by the pool and let us do the driving and the talking while your guests get an overview of the island. Beer, soda and water are provided.  (Subject to space availability, of course.)

US Number 1 - (305) 831-5742

New Dialing Prefix for St Maarten

Phone: 1 - (721) 526-5252

Fax: 1 - (721) 547-0264

Please note that this is still an international call