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I’m Joyce Hanley, and this is my story:

My full name is Joycelyn Rosita Hanley (previously - Prince), I have one grown daughter.

I was born (number 4 of 14 children) on the island of Nevis, a little island, some 25 minutes flying time away. It was once a British colony but is now independent.

I came to St. Maarten as a child in 1974 to visit my older sister and just never went back home. I finished my education on St. Maarten where I obtained my Antillean (Netherlands Antilles) citizenship.  I have grown to love this precious island, which has long been called home.

I am very active in my community. I have been a member of the ST. Maarten Pride Foundation since its inception and take part regularly in most of the activities. I make financial donations to many of the Non-Governmental Organizations on the Island, especially when it concerns children.

I am the Youth Leader of My church, The Zion Methodist Church in Sucker Garden, St. Maarten.

I meet every Tuesday for regular meetings and work with the young people age 10 to 20 in many areas of their life; Spiritually, Educationally, Physically and Socially. We perform every Sunday during regular Church service with Singing, Acting and Creative Dancing.

My group is famous for writing their own plays and short skits. We also visit the hospital and home for the aged periodically. We also go out into the villages to encourage young people to do something positive with their life. My best joy is to see how children who seemed hopeless have completely turned their lives around after joining my group.

Many of the parents can’t afford to contribute financially so the entire burden is all left up to a few when we have a social activity that takes money.

I am the founder of women’s cricket on Dutch St. Maarten. Our Team is called The Carl & Sons Female Adult Cricket Team and although we play to win every time, my objective was to have women over 40  get actively involved in physical activities and  also bring them together for clean fun and laughter and support for each other.

Although we have grown into a strong force to be reckoned with where games are concerned, the team has lived up to its goal. We are very close knit and support each other completely.

I am also the only woman on the board of the ST. Maarten Cricket Association.

Cricket has kept me feeling 25. When I am stressed and worked up, a few hours on the cricket field will fix it.

I am also the Vice President of the newly formed Middle Region Defiance Community Council, where I live.

I was the President of the St. Maarten Secretary Association for 4 years and am still an active member of that organization.

I am also a Red Cross member, a member of Toast Masters and last but not least director of my other business: Prince Rent A Car.

I love meeting people, I love knowledge, I am very strong willed and assertive, I am a go-getter. I do not let opportunities pass me by.

The thing that hurts me the most is injustice, and secondly, I do not like people to waste my time.

I love children, especially girls, and will do all in my power for any child that is around me.

I am very honest and straight forward and like people to be honest with me in return, even if it hurts.

I love nature, I love dancing and most any type of music.

And I love my island!

Joyce Prince